Dionne McCreery

Children’s Party Food

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I offer a free consultation to discuss themes and food choices.

After the consultation you can leave it to me. I will then buy, prepare, and create a truly memorable feast allowing you to enjoy the party.

We can provide either childrens party food boxes, which are delivered on the day of the party, or I can provide a sit down meal.

We can also provide beautiful tableware, napkins, plates, etc.

Children’s Party Food Boxes

Choose 5 Items.

Mini Sandwich / Rolls (A selection of fillings are available).
Mini Sweet and Sticky Chicken Skewers.
Free Range Pork Sausage Rolls.
Mini Croissants (filled with cheese and ham or organic strawberry jam).

Bits & Bobs
Cheese and Vegetable Mini Skewers.
Parmesan Star Biscuits.
Honey and Sesame Free Range Mini Sausages.
Pom Bear Crisps.

Sweet Treats
Rocky Road.
Vanilla Cupcakes.
Smartie Cookie.

Children’s Canapés

Hot sit down children’s party food.

The Main Bit
Fish and Chip cones.
Mini Organic Beef Burgers.
Mini Fish Pies.
Mini Shepherds Pies.
Sweet and Sticky Free Range chicken skewers.

Nibbly Bits
Buckets of Chips.
Cheese Straws.
Cucumber, Carrot and Pepper Pots.
Free Range Sausage Rolls.

Sweet Treats
Rocky Road.
Chocolate Brownies.
Smartie Cookies.
Green and Black Milk Chocolate Lollypops.
Fruity Flapjacks.
Gingerbread People and Animals.
Tropical Fruit Skewers with a Vanilla infused Greek yoghurt Dip.