Dionne McCreery

Asian Dinner Party Menu


Tom Yam Gung
Thai hot and sour soup.

Main Course

Beef Rendang
A Malaysian slow cooked curry, hot and spicy but rich in coconut and a delightful sweet and sourness from tamarind and palm sugar.

Thai Yellow Squash Curry

Chicken Curry Kapitan
A Malaysian curry with coconut, palm sugar, cinnamon, ginger and star anise.

Side Dishes

Nasi Kuning (Balinese)
Fragrant yellow rice.

Som Tum (Thailand)
Green papaya salad.

Urap Buncis (Balinese)
Green bean and fresh coconut salad with crispy fried shallots, garlic and chilli.


A trio of mango mousse, homemade coconut ice cream and passion fruit jelly.